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Terms & Conditions

Informind terms and conditions

1. Use of terms and conditions

1.1. These terms and conditions are applicable to the services supplied by Informind AB. They apply to any agreement reached between Informind AB and the Client. Any deviation from these terms and conditions shall be made as a written agreement between the Parties.


2. Services and solutions

2.1. The services comprise a subscription to the Informind product, including web-based analysis tools.


2.2. The Client may change subscription package. If the change is to a smaller subscription, this shall come into force from the next payment period.


3. Commencement date

3.1. The Agreement between Informind AB and the Client comes into force when the Client chooses a subscription.


3.2. The Agreement is binding for both Parties until terminated at notice in accordance with the termination conditions.


4. Liability

4.1. Informind AB is not liable for any inconvenience and losses, indirect losses, including operating losses, loss of revenue, futile costs incurred in connection with services supplied or claims raised by a third party discovered or occurring in consequence of a delay to or an error or fault in Informind AB’ delivery.


4.2. Informind AB cannot vouch for services supplied by a third party. For example (the list is not exhaustive), Informind AB is not liable for any divergence from standard terms and conditions regarding the use of e.g search engines, Google Ads and online social media. Informind AB reserves the right to make changes in accordance with any such divergences, to ensure compliance at all times with conditions applicable to the use of any search engine/social medium.


4.3. Informind AB is not deemed responsible for downtime on diverse websites, including search engines and online social media.


4.4. Informind AB is not responsible for any failure to identify enterprises via IP networks.


4.5. Informind AB is not responsible for a situation in which visitors to the Client’s website cannot be identified, including when access is achieved via direct, organic and referral marketing channels.


4.6. Informind AB is not responsible for a situation in which the statistical data reported by online marketing channels and social media, including although not limited to Facebook, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, are incorrect.


4.7. Informind AB is not responsible for statistical data reported by Google Analytics.


4.8. Informind AB cannot guarantee that SEO Rank data reports reflect the Client’s actual ranking. The Client is aware that the Client’s search engine rankings depend on a series of variables.


5. Pricing and terms of payment

5.1. Services and subscriptions are payable for a one-month or one-year subscription period in advance, unless otherwise agreed.


5.2. The prices applicable at any given time are shown on


5.3. The subscription price is the list price at any given time, unless explicitly agreed to the contrary. The subscription price at the time of commencement of this agreement is as stated in the electronically signed Agreement (see section 3.1. of these terms and conditions).


5.4. All prices are ex Swedish VAT.


5.5. In the contract period, the Parties may agree that Informind AB will supply additional services. The hourly rate for such work is SEK 1400 ex Swedish VAT, unless the Parties reach a separate agreement to the contrary.


5.6. In the event of failure to pay by the due date, Informind AB reserves the right to withdraw access to Informind and to refuse any further work on the Client’s behalf. Informind AB is not obliged to supply services in a period, during which the Client remains in arrears.


5.7. The Client shall disburse Informind AB for any outlays Informind AB may make on the Client’s behalf.


6. Contract period and termination

6.1. Depending on the Client’s choice of subscription, the Agreement is irrevocable for a period of either 1 or 12 months from the commencement date, unless explicitly stated when entering the agreement. See also section 3.1. The contract period will be stated on the approval page, i.e. where the Client approves the terms and conditions of trade.


The Client is at liberty at any time to check agreement status, including the contract period by logging on to the Client’s personal Informind account. If necessary, the Client can erase, replace and renew credit and payment cards on the same page.


Subscription invoices will be sent via e-mail.


6.2. The Client shall give notice of termination no later than the penultimate day of the subscription period. If the Client gives notice of termination later than the penultimate day of the subscription period, the Agreement is automatically extended by either 1 or 12 months.


6.3. Informind AB is entitled to terminate the agreement at three months’ notice, including termination of one or more individual tools covered by the Agreement. If Informind AB terminates the agreement, Informind AB will reimburse the Client any prepaid amount. This shall not apply if termination is due to a failure on the part of the Client to comply with any agreement entered into or with Informind AB’ terms and conditions of trade.


6.4. In the event of material breach by one of the Parties for which no remedy is forthcoming within a period of 30 days of receipt of a request for remedial action from the Party not in breach, that same Party shall be entitled without warning to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the ordinary tenets of Swedish law.


6.5. Failure to pay by the due date will be regarded as a material breach of contract and Informind AB shall be entitled to cease delivery of the subscription until payment is made.


7. Material and immaterial rights

7.1. The Parties retain copyright, property rights and other immaterial rights to all the material and data in their possession on the commencement date of this Agreement.


8. Assignment

8.1. Neither Party is entitled to assign the rights and obligations in pursuance of this Agreement to a third party, except with their counterpart’s consent.


9. Claims

9.1 Should the Informind AB product fail to meet the Client’s expectations, the Client is obliged immediately to make a claim to Informind AB with a view to remedying the situation. The Agreement is irrevocable after the commencement date. See general provisions regarding termination in Section 6.


10. Applicable law and legal venue

10.1. This Agreement is subject to Swedish law. The Parties shall seek if possible to settle amicably any dispute that may occur in connection with this Agreement. Should an amicable settlement prove impossible, the dispute shall be settled with Copenhagen City Court as legal venue.

11. Copyright and ownership
Copyright and ownership of the source code behind the service are held by Informind. All data received through the service belongs to the Customer.

12. GDPR
Informind collects and processes personal data related to digital marketing. The purpose of such processing is to facilitate and streamline the procedures for the analysis and monitoring of marketing. Informind adheres to the current privacy legislation at all times when processing personal data. Informind may also share personal data with a third party, provided that Informind is obligated to do so by law. The Data Controller is the CEO of Informind. In the event of complaints about the processing of personal data, the individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Data Inspection Board. For detailed information on the parties' obligations under the GDPR, refer to Personal Data Processing Agreement.

13. Safety and confidentiality

Each party undertakes not to disclose, without the consent of the other party, to any third party during the term of the agreement, information about the other party's business that may be considered as trade or professional secrets. Information specified by a party as confidential shall always be considered as a trade or professional secret. The confidentiality obligation does not apply to information that a party can demonstrate was known to them in ways other than through the collaboration or is generally known.

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